Baby Octupus

I’m so sick of you
This is the type of life I’ve lived, No matter what the fuck I do, My life it don’t mean shit
It still won’t let me go…Let me go. Why did you push my hands away?
Why must you scratch my fuckin’ face
Why are you full of shit these days?
Why did you have to go away?
No means No, but sometimes it means Yes…

Hardon For Death

i’m the demon in the dark
I’m the one that gets your dick all hard
i’m the one that hurts goin in
and I burn like fuck when i’m pulling out
I spray my insides on your chest
your tiny hands around my neck
an intense pain it gets me wet
hardon for death
open up and let me in
I cannot hear your muffled screams
an intense pain it gets me wet
hardon for death
six years old would you shit in the tub
you can’t undo the filth you’ve done
quickly darkness came too soon
when your fuckin father took a piss on you

Let It Go

I hear death call
The pain inside me
Bitter memories
I can’t let go
I can’t let this go
Today’s the day
Made up my mind
Today’s the day
Today we die
Look me up, Page 25
Tear me out
And nail me to the wall
All your eyes burning through my skin
Pointing fingers with razor tips
I will take you over the edge,
It won’t mean shit’s long as we’re both…
Dying, screaming, don’t ask me why
No more questions and no more lies
Lilia’s dead and she’ll rest in peace
As long as you fuckin’ die…..with me
Possessive and anger
Is all I remember
Is all I encounter
Cuz in the end I’ll be there


las luces apagadas
cubierto en cucarachas
esta situacion me deja deprimido
tus garras queman, mi piel de cuero/hijo de la…..Manteca
ojos abiertos,y muerto por dentro
hijo de la….Manteca
tal vez me hecho un vuelo
de nariz en el espejo
este polvo blanco,me dejo hecho una mierda
tus garras queman, mi piel de cuero
hijo de la…..Manteca
ojos abiertos,y muerto por dentro
hijo de la….Manteca

Mass Shooter

where’s a good guy with a gun?
missing out on all the fun
Flyin’ through he’ll save the day
like superman with a big ak/mass shooter
i’m the man with whipped cream gun
mass shooter
spread my frosting on your tongue
the orange blob has us all in crisis
if your skin is brown you must be isis
bang bang bang
don’t need no nra
to tell me I have to wait
30 days is way too long
to save the country with my gun
i’m a good guy with a gun
blasting schoolyards just for fun
like your neighborhood Spider-Man, i’m swinging through with my gun in hand

Prey For War

Prey for the war, just to fight.
No reason why, wrong or right.
Tryin so hard, not to care.
Women and children, disappear.
The knife to their necks as you look into their eye.
Slide it across, the blood comes pouring out.
Thought you’d be trembling. But you’re following orders.
A mother is holding her child and you don’t give a fuck.
Prey for War (4X)
There was a time when fire burned ice cold.
There was a time when I believed all the bullshit I was told.
Get on my knees as I look up to the sky.
Hands together as I pray…..for war!
Prey for war (4X)

Santa Brought Me Coke

So I was looking out the window man and I see all this snow and it’s so white and pretty and soft and I’m like wondering man what would happen if that was coke
And I look up in to the sky and I see like a sled but it doesn’t really look like a slide it’s like a big razor blade on a mirror
Oh sh*t wait nah son that’s f*ckin’ Santa
He’s on my roof he’s coming down the fire escape
Holy f*ckin’ sh*t the motherf*cker brought a sh*tload of f*cking blow

I start to itch
I need a hit
I feel like sh*t
Then Santa Brought Me Coke

White as snow
Right up my nose
Ho Ho Ho
Then Santa Brought Me Coke

Mountains of blow
Whiter than snow
My heart will explode
Call up my hoes
So we can get blow
And party like animals in the snow

Put a bump right on my nuts
So the reindeer can sniff it up

Supersonic Blow Machine

Look up in the sky, choppin mountains into big fat lines
C’mon take a ride on my supersonic blow machine
Supersonic….. Blow….. Machine….
Opens up your eyes, Takes the lows, blasts them way up high
Landscape bathed in white for the supersonic blow……
Machine, It’s the vehicle….
Mad maneuverable. It’ll squeeze right through you
Suck it up for you. All aboard on my supersonic blow machine
You wanna play with me? Serious? Let’s play….. Blast off!!!!
You will sell your stereo
And lose your motherfucker girl
You used to be so big and strong
But now your weak enough to topple with a straw
You wanna play with me? Serious? Let’s play Blast off!!!!
I cried when Escobar died
No more fish scale
The neighborhood’s dry
I cried when Escobar died
No more 8 balls
I wanna die
Polvo, Perico, Blizzy, So easy

This Life I Live

This life I live, It makes my head hurt
I turn the volume up, to drown the voices out
But when the voices start, I start to scream out loud
I’ll break a window, and carve the words into my arm
You think a guy like me has never had it bad
Try to get angry but instead it makes me sad
How many times a motherfucker gotta try?
How many times before the strong break down and cry?
This life that I’e been fuckin’ livin’, It makes we wanna pull out my knife and cut you’re fuckin’ head off
This life that I’ve been fuckin livin’ it makes we wanna pull out my nine, and blow your fuckin’ brains out
Don’t you fuck with me motherfucker cuz I’ll cut ya into a million pieces and drink your blood, Cuz I like the taste, I like the taste
If you mess with me, I’ll bend you over and give you all I’ve got cuz I like the taste motherfucker, I like the taste…..


Little girl, buried secrets, one night thrill
It lives inside you and you want it killed
Father’s vanished, left you with no choice
Lethal Injection drowns the unheard voice
Facing the question what would you say?
All your mistakes so hard to explain
Learning to talk and asking you why
Mommy, Oh Mommy, Why didn’t I die?
It burned when he stuck it in
It burned when he pulled it out
Forceps rupturing tube of life
Trembling fetus, shattered spine
Unborn pulled through exposed to air
For half a grand now disappears
She’s learning to talk and asking you why
Mommy, Oh Mommy, Why didn’t I Die


Ring me along another sound is dying
Ring me along another sound is suffering
Ring me along another sound is dying
Open the door
I’m coming home to bullshit

If I told you again you wouldn’t have noticed
You’re talking all this bullshit
And its fucking annoying
A big kid on the playground
With a brand new bike
But noone gives a shit
And now you’re wondering why
Pretty girls ain’t shit
When I’m hitting ya
Fancy clothes ain’t shit
When I’m kicking you
Expensive cars ain’t shit
When I’m stomping you
Jump in the fuckin pit
So I can finish you