Prey For War

Prey for the war, just to fight.
No reason why, wrong or right.
Tryin so hard, not to care.
Women and children, disappear.
The knife to their necks as you look into their eye.
Slide it across, the blood comes pouring out.
Thought you’d be trembling. But you’re following orders.
A mother is holding her child and you don’t give a f*ck.
Prey for War (4X)
There was a time when fire burned ice cold.
There was a time when I believed all the bullsh*t I was told.
Get on my knees as I look up to the sky.
Hands together as I pray…..for war!
Prey for war (4X)

Santa Brought Me Coke

So I was looking out the window man and I see all this snow and it’s so white and pretty and soft and I’m like wondering man what would happen if that was coke
And I look up in to the sky and I see like a sled but it doesn’t really look like a slide it’s like a big razor blade on a mirror
Oh sh*t wait nah son that’s f*ckin’ Santa
He’s on my roof he’s coming down the fire escape
Holy f*ckin’ sh*t the motherf*cker brought a sh*tload of f*cking blow

I start to itch
I need a hit
I feel like sh*t
Then Santa Brought Me Coke

White as snow
Right up my nose
Ho Ho Ho
Then Santa Brought Me Coke

Mountains of blow
Whiter than snow
My heart will explode
Call up my hoes
So we can get blow
And party like animals in the snow

Put a bump right on my nuts
So the reindeer can sniff it up

Supersonic Blow Machine

Look up in the sky, choppin mountains into big fat lines
C’mon take a ride on my supersonic blow machine
Supersonic….. Blow….. Machine….
Opens up your eyes, Takes the lows, blasts them way up high
Landscape bathed in white for the supersonic blow……
Machine, It’s the vehicle….
Mad maneuverable. It’ll squeeze right through you
Suck it up for you. All aboard on my supersonic blow machine
You wanna play with me? Serious? Let’s play….. Blast off!!!!
You will sell your stereo
And lose your motherfucker girl
You used to be so big and strong
But now your weak enough to topple with a straw
You wanna play with me? Serious? Let’s play Blast off!!!!
I cried when Escobar died
No more fish scale
The neighborhood’s dry
I cried when Escobar died
No more 8 balls
I wanna die
Polvo, Perico, Blizzy, So easy


Little girl, buried secrets, one night thrill
It lives inside you and you want it killed
Father’s vanished, left you with no choice
Lethal Injection drowns the unheard voice
Facing the question what would you say?
All your mistakes so hard to explain
Learning to talk and asking you why
Mommy, Oh Mommy, Why didn’t I die?
It burned when he stuck it in
It burned when he pulled it out
Forceps rupturing tube of life
Trembling fetus, shattered spine
Unborn pulled through exposed to air
For half a grand now disappears
She’s learning to talk and asking you why
Mommy, Oh Mommy, Why didn’t I Die